A dear friend of mine visited Dallas for the first time last year, hoping to see cowboy hats and hear Texas drawls. On both of those, he was disappointed, and yet he fell in love with Dallas just a little bit. Enough that he visited again later in the year, and brought his husband the second time. One of the big attractors for him was a little place called Small Brewpub. It’s a marvelous restaurant and bar in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas.

The Bishop Arts district is the most well-known part of Oak Cliff, and it’s 100% hipster. A few blocks away, Jefferson Ave features the Texas Theater, but also quite a few quinceaƱera shops. So it’s about half-hipster and half-hispanic. In fact, there are several shops selling quinceaƱera dresses right across from Small Brewpub!

Small brews their own beer, including an always-$2 Black Pepper Pilsner, and they have one of the best bartenders I’ve ever encountered, Benj. He mixes this drink called ‘Evensong’ that is simply wonderful. Until recently, the big surprise of Small was that they had a truly world-class chef creating culinary masterpieces, but she has now set out for New York, so they hired three new chefs to replace her. The menu is still better than you might expect.

If you live in Dallas, do yourself a favor and head over to Small Brewpub. It’s probably better than you think. If you don’t live in Dallas, come visit! And while you’re here, there’s this delightful little restaurant you should check out…

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